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(5) Jungle Beach Resort

Brothers back to the hotel, upon receiving the luggage that had been deposited, and headed on foot to the accommodation ・ Jungle Beach Resort next. In appearance and extends barely to Phuket Yacht Club, a small road that passes through the back of the Nai Harn Beach, where looked like a dead end.

But, in fact, extending in the sea side of the entrance from the rotary before, such as alley promenade premises, was the way to Jungle Beach Resort is a dead-end true. We understand that there about 20 minutes on foot, or only go by bike this interval, Japanese brothers reluctantly, was in big luggage remains swimsuit walked with Tekuteku.

Alley as sandwiched between the steep slope of the hotel side following the right hand, with the breakwater of the left hand, which stood five-six meters from the sea level, was stomach is paved up to the middle, but from around leaving the grounds of the hotel , country road of only sand and gravel had been followed endlessly.

Kiyohiko you suffer from shoulder bag aside, Hiroyuki marched while dragging the casters suitcase, the wheels of the caster did not make for longer. Though, it is like a hero of westerns that are turned drag horse in the wilderness is wound a rope on the wrist, scream seemed to hear.

I did not seem very in so that there is a building of a house other than the tip of this road. Although I had become a cornerstone in the past only the presence bike beside rarely, of Westerners who put the tattoo on the arm, that, there's something to this earlier.

Among them, when we can be out on the rising edge uphill that lasted pretty, sea had spread towards the lower left. The sea seemed to under 5 ・ 6m, 15m looks down now the starting point. How to stop walking once, two men were to rest a while. The road becomes a down to the boundary of the hill, slope out will loose while you are working the full by inertia, at around the grove began to stand out on both sides, it came across to finally sign.

"Jungle Beach Resort"

Previously advanced towards the arrow, looked like bungalows and front building in your eyes.

"Softening, rather than a beach, it's felt that the forest. This'm not'm Jungle Beach, Do not'm Jungle Jungle. Wonder where there is the sea?"

Hiroyuki said.

"Well.'re No Hana in spite Tteyuu resort certainly,. Whether there is any way from the cheapest"

If you carry your feet on the front wing, male staff looked like a Chinese - was greeted. I paid the price of 2 nights in it with the prepayment. About one third of the yacht club that night before, affordable price of about 3,000 yen per night. Heading to receive a room key, cottage of 20 buildings around are scattered in the woods of the gentle slope, and squint, the sea was faintly glimpses between the trees in the distance.

When I opened the key stilt cottages around faintly visible is the sea, not large so although, clean in its own way, problems seemed likely to be no particular. When Kiyohiko has placed the luggage and get dressed or bathed in shower, large sound was "Pashi~tsu!" Beside. If you cut someone's eyes to the direction of sound, Hiroyuki had been pressed by the palm of the right upper arm of the left hand.

"Kiyo, Mosquitoes in this room."

"It might have entered when you opened the door of entrance"

In less Finished called, Kiyohiko has hit the mosquitoes by hand this time.




Sound similar, rang again and again to the room for a while.

Hiroyuki cried, "Why so many mosquitoes in this room!?"

By the way, Why were not mosquito bites even once in The Royal Puhket Yacht Club that they has stayed yesterday Is it had been sprayed with insecticide regularly whether the differences rich speaking, or whether the differences in ideas such as planting design, I did not know well to two people, but mosquitoes are cheap "inn as a result I convinced myself et al fact that "many.

After a while, ferocious itching has been rushed to the point where you were stabbed. Types different? Mosquitoes and of Japan, the degree of itching is different.

"Itchy everywhere on my skin! Do you have Kinkan?"

Thing also this would happen, Kiyohiko had to bring Japanese famous anti-itch drug"Kinkan". Unlike ointment that well, and also felt like there is a immediate effect on itch something stimulation of capsicum tincture and ammonia contained, Kinkan had liked irresistibly the exhilaration after it painted. But Kinkan paint in the "point" to the point where it was stabbed would normally, there is also the large number of bites, the "surface"-like, to the arms, legs whole, and earnestly coating without thoroughly as sunscreen like anymore No "line" were. The end of such violence, we both noticed on the surprising utility of Kinkan.

"Kiyo, don't you feel so cool with Kinkan?"

"Certainly, it 's an exhilarating feeling, even in this heat."

By the way, you look at the efficacy of the kumquat, other stop itching, it seems to work well on the shoulder stiffness, seems there is also an effect to take the heat of the portion was applied.

"I see. It might be the instant cooler."

Results, etc., with two people, and began to paint the body kumquat until in places where even itchy, strange smell of ammonia had filled the room and before I knew it. Katoitte, I open the window, it was not the difference in mosquitoes invading further. After all, it was in that two people out of the room once and then go out for a walk on site. Exiting through the forest dim slightly, I tried out to sea. Figure is sparse has a sandy beach it is not very large, cottage beach front is only visible behind To Potsunpotsun, no shop. The sand of the feet, mysterious seaweed kelp Yara have scattered to numerous, it is cluttered something. Rather, a cocktail under the umbrellas, fishermen go out fishing in the boat, it was appearance a "sober" such a sight, it might match.

"It's a bleak sea softening. Let's go to Nai hanbichi tomorrow again."

Hiroyuki said. Kiyohiko was also agree.

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