"Himitsu-do" in Yanaka

- Shaved Ice With Natural Flavored Syrop -

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Himitsu-do in Yanaka - Shaved Ice With Natural Flavored Syrop -

"Himitsu-do" is a valuable shaved ice shop located near the entrance of Yanakaginza.
And there you can enjoy the shaved ice all the year round even in winter.

Himitsu-do is so popular shop as there is always a line, and also a lot of "shaved ice freak" visits from afar.

HImitsu-do uses the natural ice from Mitsuboshi-himuro which is one of the natural ice brewery that are only five now in Japan.
Polite to the cut with traditional manual sharpener, Himitsu-do also changes the way of milling depending on the season.
further, such as containment of the essence of the fruit by taking advantage of seasonal ingredients, homemade syrup with thickened natural flavored is so tasty.

Yanaka Himitsu-do 外観

Leaving JR Nippori Station, the west exit, and walking towards "Yanaka Ginza" about five minutes. When I make a left turn and go ahead dozens of meters through the point that went down the stairs of "Yuyake-dandan", the crossroads of the entrance this side of Yanaka Ginza, Himitsu-do appears on the right of the way.
Cozy, and playful appearance is impressive.

Yanaka Himitsu-do 掲示板
In January, 2014, I will come to HImitsu-do for the strong demand of the companion for the first time.
The appearance to have a nostalgic atmosphere. The nostalgic, gentle light of the naked bulb lights up the bulletin board which a handwritten message was put on.

Yanaka Himitsu-do 本日のオススメ

The blackboard that the recommended menus every day were written in this place.
By the way, "French toast" and "Shippo gratin" in the photographs are menus of the winter season limitation.

Yanaka Himitsu-do のれん
A wicket of red painting is an entrance.
When pull a handle; a good old sound peculiar to a wicket.

「ひみつ堂」のかき氷 夏の部 (5~10月)
「ひみつ堂」のかき氷 冬の部 (11~4月)
「ひみつ堂」のかき氷 管理人のお気に入りランキング
「ひみつ堂」のかき氷 管理人のお役立ち情報

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