The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(4) The Background of The Two

When it was noon before long and finished check-out, the big baggage came back to the beach again with leaving it and decided to take lunch at a stand in a while ago. There was the seat about ten seats in the shop, and one way of main Thai dish seemed to be prepared on a menu. It was several articles or ordered it, and Kiyohiko added it.

"Super hot please!"

Brothers might love hot food all together, and a request with the funny Japanese English has appeared from mouth. And the cook in the counter seemed to want to say, "Are you two all right?"

Several minutes later, the dish which came out was hot. Really hot without mercy.
And chanted "Sooooo, hot!" To see two Japanese guys who sweat enough to seemingly abnormal with wide-eyed, All the staff including the cook began to laugh with clapping their hands.

And it's equal to have said, "Tasty!" for the brothers, but it must appear to be a bluff from the view of the othters.

After a little bit, may by interested in such two guys, a boy who looks like a high school students of the staff, as he calls to Kiyohiko, "yiipun?"

"yiipun" seems to means Japanese in Thai. He is a local high school student; the name Pon. He seemed to help with a stand as work of the houses, and The old man who installed a parasol some time ago was with his grandfather. A girl of the kindergarteners who is by the side seems to be his younger sister.

After having finished a moderate conversation and meal, it was Hiroyuki and Kiyohiko who came back to the beach, but I did it soon, and I changed my clothes, and a high school student pop younger sister in a while ago came over to the swimsuit. I seemed to want you to become a playfellow somehow or other. I come near and talk something or other even if I swim in the sea. I make a pass at Kiyohiko with a younger sister even if I come back to the beach. Hiroyuki who is not going to speak English is half other people's affairs; "Kiyo,you are popular with children."And he just smiled on the side while drinking beer.

While Kiyohiko kept company at the play of two people, the bottom has been completely filled in the sand of the beach by a neck of Kiyohiko if I noticed. Hey, hey, I watched two people who I raised a voice, and were in high spirits, and one was Kiyohiko who murmured it from the sand which was hot like a steam bath when the child would not agree with country of any place and was a thing.

But it was the background that the brother was different from common children.
In fact, Their father is different each. The older brother Pon does not know even the face of his father at all. Present father who is true father of the younger sister seemed to hardly work, and a result Pon helped with the Beach house. Totally Pon told about such a story with a rather bright expression even like other people's affairs; , Kiyohiko thought that Because I serve and behave brightly, is it not to need to grieve with the circumstances that it' unusual in Thailand?

"Are such affairs common in Thailand?"
I heard Pon.

"I am in the circumference plenty yes". Though it is easy to love you, as for the Thai, it is often expected that such a result because it is early to cool down. And a man are one of a middle-age; cut it, and do not work at an early stage, and a retired person half wants to see it. There are many families whom a woman commits hard by just that much. "

While Pon have such a story, Hiroyuki said to Kiyohiko suddenly.

"Well,Kiyo, Pon is a high school student,isn't he? Ask him wheather he knows good disco around here."


Hiroyuki did not seem to hear the conversation that two people talked about until just before that.

"Yeah,I'll do, it is better to ask after somnme interval. "

Said so, but that is naive, as high school students in Japan, Pong of innocent feel is familiar with playground of the night was in high school, I did not seem far from the Kiyohiko.

"Do you know any disco where foreigners gather in?"

"Oh,I know good one. It is quite big and always crowded. I have not entered. "

Hiroyuki gave a word to Kiyohiko.

"Say that you will go together". "

When Kiyohiko conveyed so, I was delighted innocently more than expected pop. Would you want to go to the disco that much?
I promised concerning a meeting on the back of the stand which had lunch at 6:00 and parted after all.

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