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Royal Pita Maha (Bali, Indonesia)

Royal Pita Maha

Around is covered in jungle, it is a completely private space.

Royal Pita Maha

The front side of the edge of the pool is cut one step lower than the surrounding, water like a little waterfall I will continue to flow down into the valley.

behind it has become a steep slope, you have brook flows under it.

Royal Pita Maha

Bedroom as seen from the pool side.

quaint thatched roof has to match the surrounding landscape.

Royal Pita Maha

If you open the glass door of the wooden frame, such as the frame of painting, you can experience the sense of unity with nature that does not say anything.

Royal Pita Maha

Approach that leads from the living room to the pool.

it will feel a unique flavor to this little space.

Royal Pita Maha

Well, What's park out of the room.

from the lounge, which is located at the top of the

steep slope, and under eyes of the main pool, and further wishes to Ayung River far below, like this.

Although the photo is come to not understand, it is a tremendous difference in height.

Royal Pita Maha

There in the middle slope, vantage main pool.

or order in all the rooms there is a private pool, it seems not seen the figure of less passengers.

Royal Pita Maha

If you go down the slope along the alley, buildings such as the Temple forward.

In fact, it's a elevator that goes to this valley bottom.

Royal Pita Maha

From the elevator hall of stone, and suddenly see the right hand, you will see a small waterfall in the distance.

Nante nature of hotel waterfall can be seen, I think in early no.

Royal Pita Maha

The valley bottom has spread is relatively flat garden. light blue stripe through the

center rather than the Ayung River, called "Lagoon Pool", the ridiculous length, is the pool, such as the river.

actual Ayung River is flowing behind that.

Royal Pita Maha

Along the way, Splat the villas of other people to reference.

It will not dissolved completely around the green.

Royal Pita Maha

In addition also another tow.

Royal Pita Maha

In one corner of the neighborhood of garden down the valley, there is a little wacky pool.

The name is < Sacred Well of Pool > is.

Nantes in view of the entrance of the lithograph "women during menstruation should withhold." It is with.

Royal Pita Maha

Ahead of stairs petals arranged neatly, somehow split Gat....

This, it though is the entrance that do to the pool.

As expected < and there is only say; sacred >.

Royal Pita Maha

Large stones are placed here and there in the pool, such as garden art. That reminded me of the rock garden of Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto.

Royal Pita Maha

It is reservoir of natural spring water welling up from the mountain.

- Summary -

THe charm of Royal Pita Maha is a terrain rich in height difference intense change, scenic beauty of the valley where it is procreation, and arranged so as to blend in with its natural environment, I thought to be in the harmony of the entire facility.

Even though it'not old hotel, but gave me strange feeling that seems like a architecture that existed from long time ago.

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