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Kupu Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa (Bali, Indonesia)

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

King-size bed is placed in the center of the room.

The interior also has been summarized in chic atmosphere with deep red brown wood.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

In the window of the valley side is a huge piece of glass, consideration so as not to from obstructed view have been made.

the window of the sofa is built, it will give the impression that sense of unity and refreshing of the building.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

Overlooking the under eyes from the corner of the room.

without frame also in contact of glass that intersect at right angles, it has become to two sheets butt.

This and the like are also probably the maximum consideration for which does not interfere with the view.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

Other sofa can have contact with the back to the bay window, and facing the side, it is a strange feeling, such as those like floating in the air.

as if riding on ferris wheel. . .
Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

Balcony, such as the small stage to begin to stick to the valley side. while watching the jungle that rolls in the

morning mist, it might be good even for I say breakfast.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

Backboard back of the bed has become the dress space.

In the corner of the room, and a person image golden.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa
To ordinary front of about a wide bathroom room, this also is one glass of large.

clipped to plug in dim space from the wall, presence of condensed light.

And, glass is also why bathtub front. Su is so. And I look from the side, it is in hot water.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

From the spacious bathtub of large windows that were cut to fit the width, green vivid planting will have jumped into the eyes.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

And terraced rice fields spread out below, Ayung River that flows through the jungle, and during which surrounds behind.

natural create green gradient.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

Overlooking the jungle.

The view reminded me of the planet“Pandora”which was drawn In the famous movie “Avatar”.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

Pool from the balcony, overlooking overlooking the pavilion. from

behind the mountain surface, it can ask the things that are located in the pretty steep slope.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

By the way, the night of the private pool is illuminated the light from the tank, it emerges pale fluorescent green color.

Under the night sky, and soak the ridge line of faintly visible mountain to the pool while watching from a distance, location < like this hollow; surface > there is, the luxury of the fact that, I feel more than the time of day.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

Well, the place changed, here restaurants. From the protruding terrace as

stage, any more about that not in < big > scenery will have jumped into the eyes.

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa

By the way, this is a restaurant, but it was taste to go the cuisine in general quite satisfactory.

Southeast Asia too much taste of bread can not be expected at the hotel also, delicious stands out with respect to the pan of this shop, indeed, Na is only hotel that began from the restaurant, it has strangely convinced.

- Summary -

Kupu Barong Villas & Tree big attraction of the Spa is a rare point of view, such as stand out one head overlooking it from the jungle surrounding around, I think not in terms of being able to experience while in the room.

On the other hand, there is also a history that began to build a phased villa, also I think with a variety or landscape from the room depending on the type of villa.

This time, I was staying, < Ayung River Pool Villa > It was a category that, since such is divided into about six in all, those who are reserved by examining the details on the website, etc. it is recommended that you put.

★★★Learn more about Kupu Kupu Barong★★★

★★★Learn more about Kupu Kupu Barong★★★

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