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The Royal Phuket Yacht Club (Phuket, Thailand)

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club

Now, the scene is changed, to the outside of the hotel.

In the center of the sign, there is a portrait of King Bhumibol who is Thailand symbol .

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club

This is the entrance which is small and surrounded by the greenery around. building.

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club 

The high lobby ceiling, wooden board with a texture reminiscent of a yacht deck has been stretched.

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club 

Pavilion arranged in one corner of the site.

You can overlook the sea from a distance even from here.

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club 園内5

The rugged frog figurine match the feeling of resort.

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club

I can not feel much adult whiff, such as seen in the pool of the latest resort involved in the tile of the color and material, but it is scenic the very beautiful pool.

However, the guests of this hotel seem to prefer to swim in the sea than the pool, There are no little guest around the pool.

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club

Front of the hotel, spreading Nai Harn beach.

scorching sun shines.

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club 

Beautiful bow type sandy beach of Nai Harn Beach.

tropical plants lush behind the mountains is, exudes the beach whiff of Asia.

By the way, when I visited before about 15 years, This beach was full of topless Europeans.

The Royal Phuket Yacht Club

Hotel distant view as seen from the sea.

, such as blend into the mountainside, facility location that is friendly to the landscape. Building, such as the right top of the tower is the elevator.

- Summary -

The charm of The Royal Phuket Yacht Club is relaxed atmosphere of a long-established resort unique, and nonchalant elegance drifting throughout the facility.

honestly, adequacy, etc. of the room of texture and facilities, with respect to the visible part, but no longer will feel like does not extend to the luxury resort of the latest trends as well, what is comfortable I be better nature and people even without such, I feel personally that kind of such local force.

It is more than 20 years, came to welcome a lot of royalty and celebrities, it might be a thing to feel the history of this hotel.

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