Yanaka Photo Gallery

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Yanaka Photo Gallery

Neighborhood of Yanaka is less orthogonal road, there are many roads that intersect in complexity. On the other hand, it also features many three-way intersection or dead end.

Furthermore, since there are many hills, If you look back the way you walk through, you may feel like a stranger sight, or get lost without your realizing.

Recommendation in walking of such Yanaka is to walk from end to end along the main street, rather than running around the scattered popular spots blindly. That is the way of enjoying Yanaka walking in which each streets have unique and colorful expression.

So I'll introduce the popular spots in each major streets in this page.

around Gotenzaka hill
Gateway to yanaka leading from Nippori
to Yukaye-dandan
Yanakaginza mall
Main street of Yanaka
Yomise-dori street
Shopping street under where small river
was running through in old days
Shiobazu-dori street (around Sendagi)
Large street that eateries scattered
Rokuamida-michi street
Quiet alley sandwiched temple and housing
Suwadai-dori street
Street along the ridge of the hill that leads
to Suwa Jinja shrine
Hatsune-dori street
Street on the hill where still has the vestiges
of Teramachi.
around Yanaka Cemetery
Cemetery like a park where a number of
famous people sleep in
Ueno-sakuragi ~ Tokyo University of the Arts
The better retro whiff is cozy
around Sansakizaka hill
Quaint hill exit to Sendagi from Yanaka Cemetery
Hebi-michi street ~ Aizome-oudori street
Meandering alley to exit from the Yanaka to Nezu
around Miurazaka hill
Small and beautiful alley on a hill
around Ikenohata
Backyard specific secluded area of Ueno Park

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