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(6) Definition of Discotheque

After coming back to the room, they took a shower and the light meal in the building of the hotel,then left for the place of the promise with Pon.

It appeared emotionally somewhat than when it passes through the daytime, and are likely to traverse in red dragonfly, Country Roads close dusk was missing heat, such as sweltering, was full of peaceful atmosphere.

When they approached the hill overlooking the sea, Kiyohiko took out the disposable camera. At that time a women looked like the locals was going to pass by luckily, so Kiyohiko ask her for taking photography, and she took it on willingly.The brothers crossed a shoulder and, backed by the sea where the setting sun was about to set in, occupied flame.

He understood that it was backlight, but wanted to take it here. The photos were developed later, only the outline of the brothers, was had been projected like black shadow picture against the background of the sunset that decorated the sky orange.

When The Royal Phuket Yacht Club is in their sight, the area became dark, and the circumference was wrapped in darkness when they arrived at the stand of the promise.

Pong was waiting in front of the shop already and hailed to find the brothers. looking at the back of the Pong, five-six boys seems the same age as Pong had solidified

"Who are these boys?"

Before Kiyohiko ask so, Pong opened his mouth earlier.

"All of them are my friends, in fact I told about today's matter, then everyone said that they wanna go with us.
Can't they go together?"
As is expected, that you felt embarrassed was apologetic how to speak.

"Everybody, myfriend, I in fact whentalking aboutthemtoday, theyeitherwould be nice tocome alongalso. Theygoneeveryonewants to go?"
Feel inferior orthetruly, it wassaid,apologetically.

Feel inferior or the truly, it was a protest against the decision apologetic.

"I see, or things like that. Indeed, while I did not say him that to come alone, more than anything we the much elder than Pon would get tired"

Kiyohiko thought such a thing,and did his eyes on Hiroyuki.

"It cannot be helped. They don't have the opportunity to go there usually, Let's take everyone together."

Kiyohiko is convey to that effect in Pong, in company fellow, I was overjoyed. Were some who were barrage all the "Thank You", say excitedly mid to be! "I wanted to go even once."

The disco in question was with admission around 500 yen, but did not seem to be an amount of money usable so easy for the people. But it is an invisible point in the race that is the enthusiast which how about the friend, and "dances" pop that Kiyohiko wondered. Boys who went out to play at night were not able to see it.

Anyway, They rode a taxi separately and went to the disco to be near the center of commerce. In the inside of car, Kiyohiko confirmed to Pon once again.

"The disco is the one where the tourists of the foreigner like us gather in, isn't it?"

"It is the most famous and is popular yes. "

Uneasiness flashed incidentally. Nationality was mixed and confused and, for brothers, imaged the atmosphere of the shop in confusion without permission like a disco of then Roppongi, but did such a nuance reach it?

Would you get on for approximately 20 minutes? I arrived at the destination.
In the point of the dead-end space such as the open space, the large building such as the warehouse soared when I got off a taxi, and a letter of the neon like it decorated the wall surface gorgeously. It was an atmosphere of the appearance to remind of "Juliana" of the coastal line area that was popular in Tokyo or "gold" in old days.
Hiroyuki said.

"Oh, it's good feeling!"
With Hiroyuki in the lead, everybody entered at the entrance in a stream when I finished payment of the admission. Music played inside leaked out to the passage toward the dance floor.

After all the huge space where had high ceiling appeared like a warehouse when they set foot in the hall.

But, something is strange. The visitor like Westerners is not found, and a visitor doing the dance that "is so-called disco mark" is not seen to the Thai in the hall, and shakes the body at the table of the expression even if. And most of the visitors turn eyes to one direction. For an also Thai band playing music on a stage. The music was a Thai pop song obviously. The unique taste of an only slightly comical melody.

"Oh,no.... Rather than adisco,but this must be livehouse!"

Beside of Kiyohiko cried in his mind, Pon and the high school party crazy about the song, as sticking to the stage, it was of which is directed toward the hot line of sight to the Thai band.

"Kiyo, it was done it". For these guys, this will be a disco; surely. "

The country-colored dark live performance in question was not over, and the brothers couldn't but continue smoking a cigarette to one hand with liquor earnestly afterwards even if one hour or more were over with not needing to hear an again English text.

With the state that everybody is impressed equally when a friend leaves in front of stage pop and comes back and rolled up in a few minutes, it is running fire of "Thank You!" "Thank You!" again. They demanded it from the end until a handshake. In this as for Hiroyuki "is まぁ, family such if is pleased". Hiroyuki said to Kiyohiko while smiling wryly with .
If they are pleased like this, let's settle.

When all two of them changed a feeling when they would already give it up on the night of today and were going to leave the "disco", Hiroyuki said.

"Let's go to buy some wine in passing before back to the hotel."
It was Hiroyuki of the great vinosity, but did not taket it since they drank in the plane. then they got in a taxi and had the driver go by way of the shop close to the center of commerce . The brothers imagined the shop such as the supermarket, but was really the shop of the improper atmosphere in this neighborhood such as the formality store specializing in high wine.

When Kiyohiko opened a solid wooden door and entered, actually, there was no thing which went down one 3,000 yen for the feeling that was higher generally than Japan and bought the price of put wine. In the first place they seemed to put only a thing with more than of a certain constant rank. The visitor was not other than two brothers and, rather than local person use, might be the shop which came so that the European who lived in Phuket sometimes bought it at a time. Hiroyuki bought one red wine thought to be the cheapest inside and came back to the Ney Hahn beach unwillingly.

Got off near the stand; the brothers negotiated to a driver to have go to Jungle Beach Resort while bathing in the words of thanks from Pon and his friends. It was said that the driver could not go in the back of Yacht Club, but they begged you somehow and was to go to the place to be able to go to.

They should notice when coming, but there should not have been such as streetlights in that country road. They wanted to short even a little distance to walk in the dark. At around past the site of the Yacht Club, and lamented the driver's mercy, but rpeated "Please! Please!", they got to go around the top of the hill of the cases somehow.

It's a road surface severity likely as long as it is not even an SUV four-wheel drive anymore. However, care is whether the closed driver also, or whether they've made the resolution, to take down two people in such a pitch-black road, and continue running silently, after all, the car had arrived at the jungle beach. Was lucky. Unbearable Once unloaded on the street Anna darkness.

When Kiyohiko paid by plus about 500 yen in the price that was negotiated in the fact that until the yacht club initially, the driver smiled happily obediently.

"Good Night!"

the brothers appeared in the small balcony after having come back to the room and drank liquor again. It drank the night away till late in the evening to be bitten by a mosquito while painting with "Kinkan" on agreement when they were stabbed.

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