The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(12) Hospitality of Long Neck Karen

The time of supper came soon and they went back to staying house.
Jean has already prepared some in kitchen and the good scent has drifted occasionally.

"A meal does not seem to have a problem."

Hiroyuki said that he felt relieved.
The talk was exhausted in neither a mutual introduction nor the episode in the past traveling abroad until five persons who were frank completely taking advantage of the stuff of an example were [ supper ] ready.

Before long two girls with a "long neck" carried the dish to sitting room.
About three articles were put in order for the stir-fried dishes of the Thailand style besides included in the cauldron for simmered dishes the ramen noodles of the Thailand style by the table.

It seemed that Hiroyuki further felt easy by there having been no odd thing dish feared with an all appropriate dish.
Everybody's chopsticks began to move in the Japanese of babble called

"Dozo, otabe kudasai"

of Jean who ceme into the room afterwards.
Although ramen noodles also tended a little to extend, seasoning was generally good including other dishes.
The feeling of it being wonderful when cooking is decent, and being in long neck trive' village was Kiyohiko who became even feeling as if it fades, it gathers in a friend's house completely and mist was needed at the party.

After supper, after dozing for a while, it gathered wholly and moved to the hut of several house next door.
It is for the reception of opening for five persons.
When the hall was attended, appearance reliance also required quite many villagers in the daytime.
Yes, the men who had appeared in work had joined.

For the man who will seemingly play the musical instrument at back on a small stage, about five girls of a collar were standing several persons and ahead.
Seemingly, it will treat to race dancing show somehow.
The performance of music started soon, and head girl started dancing and did according to music.
The dance was a dance far from an entertainment thing which is simple and has few motions.

Such a quiet motion looked very suitable to their beautiful collar of which ring made sound rubbing with each other while reflecting light occasionally.

In fact Kiyohiko was regarded as bizarre appearance the length of the neck of the girls when he arrived at the village, but this time he was beginning to feel it as the appearance that fall into the category of beauty gradually.

Wrapped in a collar of spiral going up winding upward in the manner of supporting the delicate shoulders, neck extending straight. Thing that the length of the neck is the first time, it was like going incorporated into the category of female beauty.

After small show finished, Jean told various talks about "long neck trive."
The case where the culture only a man's being made into the incarnation of a wind and the woman's being made into the incarnation of a dragon in this village and the woman that is made into the incarnation of a dragon for that reason could liken a dragon, and having inserted in a long collar having been established, and they are refugees, and a surrounding tribe steals in and it encounters a theft is also a certain thing.

Yes, this is a "refugee camp."

That free and they differ from an ordinary refugee is the point that the unique appearance and culture as "long neck trive", and customs are a sightseeing income source, and surrounding "common" refugees making Maki the tree cut in the mountain, and going to sell to a distant town only has an income source.
When saying so, the collection box of UNICEF was installed in the hut which had placed souvenir things, such as a handmade embroidery article, daytime.

Moreover, there is also no spectacle which the boys of other villages are saddled with Maki with all their might, and passes the inside of the village with how often, and Kiyohiko saw.
Also although the look that they glared occasionally looking sideways at the children of this village who frolic with a tourist was turned, possibly such backgrounds had influenced.

Speaking of the tourist, he witnessed a group like the same tour participant besides himself in the daytime.
if it is a day's trip as a matter of fact -- except for Jean -- being gyte -- even when -- an ON village -- granting a permission .
However, when it came to stay, the Jean only one person was granted the permission too.

Kiyohiko asked Jean the situation of this neighborhood.

"Why is only Jean allowed to stay here?"

"Just trust relationship."

It was a short answer.

It seems that it was not easy to build a present relation with long neck trive even for Jean.
First of all, it cannot be unwilling to lodge except a villager because there are also examples of damage, such as the surrounding tribe theft.
Probably, it is a confidential relation as a result which was made into the villager in what as a guide, or has shown various consideration and sincerity over many years.

After coming to the village, there is nothing with how often and it caught a glimpse of the exchange with Jean and a villager, but it has taken in enough that Jean very values the villager and that Jean is a special existence for a villager also to Kiyohiko.

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