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(11) A Man of Bright Red Swim brief

The children who play on a river frolic and appearance is not odd -- the pupil -- true -- glitteringly -- it was shining.

Whitout a rubber ring, a water pistol, nor a beach ball, They were playing with just the flow of natural water -- being even moving -- it was.

Although Japanese parties began to change such a spectacle into a swimming suit at a side glance, one of them raised voice before long.

"Wow, it is excessive. What a bright red your swim brief is!

It is to Hiroyuki.
The swimming suit was the red in a vivid color in what is called an object for swimming.

The swimsuit, was a bright red color in the so-called swimming for. Although it is for swimming, but there was something reminiscent for wrestling pants professional wrestler are wearing rather than swimwear. It was funny strangely Hiroyuki Body Type rectilinear is of wearing a skinny shape it.
It was strangely amusing that became thin and Hiroyuki of a linear form had worn it in the form.

"Do you think so? This is my usual. "
Hiroyuki replied.

Then Jean appeared there, enlarging his small eyes and said.

"Oh no! Embarrassing! Thai peaple is very shy.
They cannot turn their eyes to you."

Surrounding everybody gave a horselaugh.

when the party who finished changing into a swimming suit approached the children who play on a river, character character laughter appearance of Hiroyuki's red bread was seen and carried out too.

But it is only boys' reaction and all girls had cast down their eyes shamefully.
If Kiyohiko included in a river does a handstand underwater and shows, it begins to imitate by there being nothing also from whom, and the child who is attending the water surface has stopped there being almost in the end.

On the other hand, if it looks upstream, several girls are moving both hands with the somewhat slouchy posture.
When approached, it was the figure which is carrying out cleaning between a head and a ring.
Inner dirt is rubbed, paying grass like straw well right through and paying it well with both hands to the upper and lower sides of a ring.

Is it about 1 hour?

The time passed in the twinkling of an eye to the extent that it was wonderful, and time to return to a village soon came.
the part of the energy to which children, to the full, emitted that the motion of a car was felt light a little although return was similarly in the state of "fault loading" -- a feeling -- it may be because it was light.

After returning to the village, even supper became time at leisure, and they all decided to carry out to that "convenience store " shortly.
Previous the lady greeted with smile with a smile.
Although above-ground stairs were gone up and goods were looked for, there was no special thing only about a life article.
Free and the stuff which the lady is making were worrisome.

When some leaves were plastered with the thing of the shape of white paste and a thing like several kinds of nuts was placed on it, it was wrapped in the leaf with Kulu Kulu, and it was made the lump like 2? angle, and was arranging.
"What [ its ] is it?"
If it is heard, the language which does not understand well whether it is Thai will have returned.
the lady brought one of lumps to her month, and when the jaw was moved and shown, its head was bowed in assent uniformly wholly.

"I see. Must be chewing tobacco."

"Well, I want to try it."

The youth who seems to be the most aggressive stood as a candidate first of all among three persons of everybody but a brother.

"I will also do."
The next was Kiyohiko.

The boy like the schoolchild who took the store front too much and was utterly then exactly approached, and not only not saying that it does like this but after moving a mouth, it vomited and threw away spittle.
It was crimson red.

Next, He opened his lip wide so that it may dare to show a tooth, the inside of a mouth is also crimson too.
Although the boy carried out by laughing and going away, he was the performance of a series of, and was enough as introduction.

"Such a child !. "

A little two guys who stood as a candidate felt easy, and threw the stuff into the mouth.
While biting, some liquids with a strong astringent taste have overflowed slowly.
When it bit about 10 seconds and spittle was breathed out, it was crimson too.

While having repeated several times, Kiyohiko has felt that the inside of a mouth is numbed delicately.
Then, a common feature is seldom looked at by "sensational change" which two persons tried and felt,
"I feel [ of having been in sight overly distinctly ] something like [ a wooden outline ],"
If it is "feeling [ which is carrying out the trip a little ] like",
It was that change which serves as a decisive blow was not seen, and conversely, other everybody purchases the stuff for whether he felt easy one after another including Hiroyuki, and began to bite.

While it is mutual and the figure which is earnestly conscious of "change" is balanced, making the inside of a mouth crimson, laughter has stopped stopping wholly.
After all, the effect of the stuff did the very ambiguous conclusion called "Feeling [ that something changed ] like" from beginning to an end.

Seemingly although it is incidentally having become considerably the back and understanding, the stuff like a chewing tobacco calls it betel chewing, and it is a custom popular among some mountains races etc. including Southeast Asia.

some materials -- the comment of the party who actually bit it including Kiyohiko since it was said that an alkaloidal constituent was contained in - areca palm, and the anesthetic action of excitability occurred -- necessarily -- not hitting, either -- soon -- it just said.。

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