The Party with Long Neck Karen

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(1)The Breaks

In spring of 1995, the Imazato brothers decided that they went out for trip in Thailand in two from an unexpected thing at the time called another two weeks until Golden Week (early-May holiday season in Japan) . It was a word of Hiroyuki with an opportunity.

"Shall we go to Thailand to visit a village of long neck trive?"

It was dumfounded Kiyohiko, but, for the sudden words of the older brother in the middle when they drank together in a living room while watching TV, the existence of the long neck trive and the race knew that they seemed to be near a Thai border for an instant.

When Kiyohiko asked you again "when" while thinking that it was sudden, Hiroyuki stood up suddenly without answering and ran it up to the second floor. And Hiroyuki who came back to the living room before one minute passed said while throwing it several pieces of paper of the A4 size which he had in my hand on Taku Kado of the kotatsu set in the floor.

"It is in Golden Week, off course. "

Like the presentation of the plan, Hiroyuki begun to talk about the charm of this trip hot as soon as he sat. The paper put on the desk was a document about the Thai minority race including the long neck trive which Hiroyuki gathered.

Actually, for Golden Week, it was convenient for Kiyohiko. He acted as the construction field overseer of the engineering firm, and the whole spot became often closed in those days depending on a tray and New Year holidays, the spot for Golden Week. While the reason to decline heard a story with "the heat" of Hiroyuki above all without being found, the interest gradually sprang out and decided in particular that Kiyohiko went in only less than one hour after all.

"But can we get the seat of the airplane for Golden Week from now?"

"It seems to be all right."

I know the good travel agency. "

In anything, all the sudden arrangement that he depended on several times seemed to find a seat so far in the small travel agency where there were only several employees in Shinjuku. Hiroyuki seemed to put great trust for the company particularly the president.

Because "it is a small company, the president moves by oneself and does my best to the limit on the departure date". I got a last trip four days before departure. I ask there, and let's give it up if no use because even others are not removed. "

Please give me Imazato only a little more a little more time; is perseverance!

It seems to be favorite phrase of the president.

Would it be the area that was under one week until a starting due date after all? The aid of the president contributed to the fact or was able to find the seat for two somehow this time in the travel agency.

However, it was only an international airline between Narita - Bangkok to have arranged at this point in time. In the first place they decided to plan it later on a moving day of Thailand that a story did not advance if this section was not removed. As a result of having worked it out to work out a plan in two people, the itinerary was decided.

They enter Phuket (Phuket) at Narita via Bangkok and it is the same successively and stays at the tn. of the northern part called doorway to the village of long neck trive and Mae Hong Son where it is for 2 days in northern big city, Chiang Mai in 3 nights and, in 3 nights, is the trip for all 9 days and 8 nights that after all leave for home via Bangkok finally afterwards. After having enjoyed a seaside resort substantially in Phuket, flew to the northern part and visited the village of some kind of minority races each one more from Chiang Mai in the village of the chief group from Mae Hong Son.

A few days later, put the arrangement of the Thai domestic airline away to match the itinerary which they decided, and it was with the arrangement of the field tour to visit the hotel and the minority race. About the hotel, They reserved the chisel in Japan by first night in Phuket and Mae Hong Son, and others decided to make a reservation directly locally.

But, the tour arrangement of an important minority race visit ran into difficulties. There is not the thing more than the levels of the document which Hiroyuki obtained, and that kind of information was not able to catch enough information of the tour that he could arrange from Japan anymore even if he asked the travel agency which arranged the airline ticket.

At the time of 1995, the Internet does not generally spread, and the means to check is that quantity of the information was a big difference now. According to a few documents which Hiroyuki obtained at last, the chief group (it seems to be a tribal school called the Karen exactly) seemed to eat the potato insects and wanted to grasp the details of the tour itself beforehand when such a thing was sent on a meal that it was unbearable.

But it was a point whether a minority race to visit "was a genuine article" that Hiroyuki was concerned most above all. Hiroyuki was because he saw information there being a lot of tours that were going to get a sightseeing income posing as a minority race while he collected the information about various trekking tours to visit the village of the minority race. they crossed a tour plan company and a hand, and there was really originally a so-called "spoofing attack" tour to behave as if the normal people who did not have culture and the history to be seen in a minority race "were genuine articles" in particular in Chiang Mai. Hiroyuki was concerned with reality around here more than required to go together in such an absurd if it was too unpleasant to accept to go to the Thai interior.

On study They understood that a person called Jean,the owner of the guest house called "Jeans House" in Mae Hong Son seemed to be the only person who was admitted to stay all night as a guide in the village.
ANd there is also no special detailed information about the guest house except the article of only 1or2 lines on a travel guide book,so They decided to plan the tour with hearing the related information directly in Mae Hong Son and judge it there also including the tour from Chiang Mai.

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