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Ryudo (Okutone,Gumma)

Ryudo chartered bath

Ryodo has so many chartered open-air baths of 17 for 22 guestrooms.

Abundant hot spring of 1300ℓ per minute pours into the bath tub of Gensen Kanenagashi (hot spring directly from the source, flowing through the bath tub without circulation.)

You can take a bath at anytime in 24 hours as you like.

Ryudo Accommodation Building

First of all, here is the appearance of Ryudo.

Unfortunately it had heavy snow in the day we stayed.

Ryudo outdoor corridor

As soon as checking in, going to the bath because it's too cold without Onsen bathing.

By the way the accommodation buildings are divided into several.
And most baths are in a remote location from our room, so we must go walking through the outdoor corridor or in the snow to some of them .


Going towards the open-air bath wearing snow boots cross the bridge.It is a bleak sight.

But expectation that we can take a bath soon raises the sensory temperature a little.

Ryudo snow scene

The buildings around has so much snow on the roofs.

They look like the huge marshmallows.

Ryudo chartered bath Tennyo

In the heavy snow, this is the first one which we bathe in. The name is Tennyo.

The iconic open-air bath in Ryudo.

By the way hot spring of Ryudo is colorless and weakly alkaline. The source has fairly high temperature of 76.1 degrees.

Change the line of sight, there is the forest covered with snow and snow.

Anyway it's so spacious as a chartered bath.

Ryudo chartered bath Tennyo

The stone statues of three monkeys, fog snow to their head, appear to have trembling with rubbing their hands together.

Ryudo chartered bath Hoshi-no-Shizuku

Here is Hoshi-no-Sizuku that is hexagonal shaped bath.

If you push the button outside of The tub, the bottom gets beautifully illuminated in the lights such as stars.

Ryudo chartered bath Miyabi

Miyabi of the name, cypress bath facing the river.

But because of the blowing snow along with strong winds, it's sooooo cold !!!

Ryudo chartered bath Kappa

Here is the dim rock bath facing the river where the two stone statues like Manneken Pis is standing on the rocks.

Ryudo chartered bath Kappa

Actually they are the statues of Kappa. (legendary water-dwelling creature in Japan)

Therefore even the name of the bath is kappa.

Ryudo chartered bath Kawasemi

Kawasemi, the bath tub made of circular pottery.

But unfortunately, it's not available in this day.

Ryudo chartered bath Kajika

Kajika the rock bath along the river.

The light pluging into the dim space.... comfortable, and has become a final long bath.

Ryudo chartered bath Saezuri

Saezuri the rock bath.

At this point, I'v forgotten most of the name of the baths which I took a bath before this in fact.

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