"Akebi" The Day-use Onsen Villas

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Akebi Charter cypress bath

On top of the steep slopes overlooking the Kinugawa Valley, 10 buildings of small and Outhouse arranged so as to each other asked the shoulder. Hot water way home from short resort "Akebi" is, While there is a Chartered open-air bath of pay-by-the-hour, all of which features a tatami Private room.

old house-style lounge and a foot bath, there is also such as bedrock bath of women-only, the director makes the private moments that leisurely spend time with a favorite person.

Akebi Private room

About six tatami mats of wooden wall and Tatami-floor.

Relax chair of rattan is placed, also provides refrigerators and pot.

Akebi Private room

The room has beamed ceiling and lighting of the Asian taste illuminate there with a soft orange light.

Akebi Private room

There is also a wash basin, dryers equipped. And also toilet is in the room.

Akebi Private room

You can see the bathtub of open-air bath through the window of the room.


If you go outside, bathtub of cypress that is embedded in the deck floor of dark brown will appear.
Hot spring flowing out to make a good sound from the sprue.


Going down the stairs by the cypress bath....


On the deck like the stage overlooking Kinugawa River, a lovely circular pottery bath appears.
Against cypress bath of linear and masculine image, this is the bath of feminine soft image.


There no fence in ftont side. So nothing cuts off the view.


The scene looked over from the side of pottery bath.


The space between the Cypress bath and the room is the washing space.


Overlooking the two of bathtubs and Kinugawa River from the deck.
I think It's quite luxurious for day-use facility.

- Summary -

It is available starting to be worried about, but it is 3,800 yen for 60 minutes per room.

Although you might feel that it would and high to say that, that's two hours 6,000 yen, the Fu of 7,000 yen for 3 hours, and will be considerably cheaper that's a long time use.

If it becomes 11,000 yen When you use 6 hours, but that's two people use will be the per capita 5,500 yen, When I think that it has DAY USE room with Chartered open-air bath, I think personally if you do not never high. (The above rates is a thing of the of March 2015.)

only, on the other hand, the room itself is cheap feeling also painting glimpse a little, such as if they were renovated or something bungalows, fine it is also because doorway aluminum sash to but Open-air bath, that taste I felt a little unfortunate in point.

Well, because is not the bath is the main, the side in the fact that secondary, anyway, it is quietly laid-back best facilities to spend.

It should be noted that since the Kosagoe of the nearest station is just around the corner also Tobu World Square, Day, after sightseeing the famous architecture of miniature models around the world, also the I say heal the body is immersed in the charter of the hot springs, it is not a pretty good plan would either.

For more information about the facility from please official website .

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