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Royal Pita Maha (Bali, Indonesia)

Royal Pita Maha

The Nature resort of the inland to which it began to attract attention from the 80s in Bali Island whose impression as a beach resort was strong from the first, Ubud.

The Ubud ravine extended north and south in the inside of it, and Ayung river which flows through between.

Royal Pita Maha which wraps in the ridge of Ayung river and which is built on an earthenware mortar-like slope is the healing resort just surrounded by Nature.

As it were, the natural feeling which harmonizes that a stone is used for the whole institution in plenty, and the circumference is green is brewing a profound feeling like ancient ruins.

Royal Pita Maha

The first is guided to the hotel after arrival, this view outstanding of the lounge. It is

check-in while sipping a welcome drink.

Royal Pita Maha

Magnificent nature to jump in front of the eye.

so as to surround the Ayung River flowing under eyes, has towered is rocky to lush.

impression when you actually look at this view, you can not forget even now.

Royal Pita Maha

The path heading to the villa.

in places of both sides of the stone wall with or grows moss, it is tasteful.

Royal Pita Maha

Two white frogs welcome the guests at the entrance to the villa.

something projection of the rod from the side wall of the gate enclosure. . .

In fact, it has been high, incense. The nonchalant is directing.

Royal Pita Maha

If you open the wood door of the table, such like a temple or something of entrance, < powerful of a > will appear entrance.

Royal Pita Maha

Entrance aside, on a stone relief, casually laid back and petals. . .

It is not such a trivial jealousy is happy.

Royal Pita Maha

Entrance door elaborate carved.

Balinese traditional art will glimpse.

room key, is the original padlock.

Royal Pita Maha

When you enter the room, from the high bedroom ceilings, large mosquito nets have hanging.

Royal Pita Maha

The bed is large enough in the king-size.

Natural color of flooring.

Royal Pita Maha

The views of the private pool from the bedroom.

From the end of one wall to the end is turned to the glass door, there is a very liberating.

Royal Pita Maha

The bedroom and living room are connected without doors.

While there is a profound feeling, stone walls topped soft shades, has a thickness of as much as about 30 centimeters.

Royal Pita Maha

The living room, wall nor floor is stone floors. Sofa you can relax in your favorite posture is also good feeling.

of the stone floor is comfortable with cold and walk barefoot.

Royal Pita Maha

There is TV . But I think it's not necessary to enjoy the stay at such a Luxury resort.

Royal Pita Maha ヴィラ バスルーム

Here bathroom. Heart-shaped bathtub is also large enough to contain two people.

back of the partition of the backside, has become a toilet and shower booth. may not have been separated by a

door, it may to be the elements to be foster a feeling of freedom.

Royal Pita Maha

Private pool that can be glimpsed from the living room.

Royal Pita Maha

Oval pool surrounded by greenery.

stone floors, sparkling water surface and in the balance of green and exquisite color that covers the surrounding area, is the comfort good pool just looking.

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