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Karma Kandara Villa (Bali, Indonesia)

Karma Kandara Villa Private pool
Private pool that is attached to all of the villas.

I think that it depends on the room, but unfortunately the sea was a degree that can glimpse from a distance.

It is feeling such as garden pools.
Karma Kandara Villa Private pool
Surrounded by stone with a profound feeling, mature feel of the pool.

You can back and forth from both the living room and bedroom.

Karma Kandara Villa Private pool
Overlooking the living building from the pool.

Incessantly it flows down in the healing effect of the sound of water, is likely to forget even the time passed from the edge of the pool.

Karma Kandara Villa Private pool
Garden of plants that flourish so as to surround the pool.
Since the wall brackets is not so high, it seems there is also blindfold role.
Karma Kandara Villa
The corner of the manicured lawns of the garden, the pavilion is that it was small. . .
It would be nice to to reading book while sipping a cocktail.
Karma Kandara Villa
Now, walk the site out of the room.

Just walk the cobbled streets leading to the cliff area facing the sea, and very refreshing feeling.

The building of the pavilion-style look to the other side is the spa.
Karma Kandara Villa
To take to climb the stone pavement, the magnificent view overlooking the Indian Ocean will spread under eyes.
Karma Kandara Villa
To the bottom of the cliff, it seems to be more than 100m in some places.
Karma Kandara Villa
To the pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, the character of the "K" of Karma Kandara Villa have emerged in symbolic.
Karma Kandara Villa
Far below the steep slopes of rock, it has a private beach.

By the way, how do we get there?

Karma Kandara Villa
Wow, the access to the beach you will use a dedicated cable car.

Of the five-seater it is really small, but up and down on the rail of steep to very hard.

Karma Kandara Villa
Under the steep slope is such a scene.
This small private beach, and there is also a bar of hotel management.
Karma Kandara Villa
A sketch of the entire site for reference.

The left side of the map is the cliff that facing the sea.

Deep valley passing from the right to the left divides the site into two parts, and the bridge is multiplied between them.

- Summary -

The unique charms of Karma Kandara Villa are the dynamic view that you can enjoy precisely because on top of the cliff, and the unique landscape that give off brilliant color coordination .

As a luxury problem, the villa is too large for two person to use .

I think it's better to long-term stay in the family or multiple couples. that will make the rates cheaper for person, and will be the optimal way to stay at Karma Kandara Villa.

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