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Karma Kandara Villa (Bali, Indonesia)

Karma Kandara

Indonesia's popular beach resort, Bali.

Karma Kandara is located on top of the cliff, facing the Indian Ocean, of Ungasan district located in the southern end Bali island.

Pool Villas with garden are dotted with vast site, and the cobbled streets of dazzling whiteness, has been spread around.
The color of the contrast between the back of the blue sea and sky, it will let you feel as if just like there even in the Mediterranean resort.

Karma Kandara
On both sides of the cobbled road which runs to sew the site, has continued to white fence piled the marble of the gemstone.
Karma Kandara Villas gate
The entrance to the Villas is also a resort mood.

white gate enclosure and colorful gates, and both sides of the flower.

Indescribably vivid contrast of color.
Karma Kandara Villas gate
In the back of the previous staircase that opened the gate, you can see the entrance of the villa.
Karma Kandara Villas approach
Also space and from duck gate to the door, by arranging the planting, it is well directed.
Karma Kandara Villas
Simple door of see-through for the entrance of the villa.
Karma Kandara Villas
Even Villas belonging to the normal category, there maximum personnel and up to 6 people, dining and integrated in the living room, is no perfect size also ceiling height.
Karma Kandara Villas Dining kitchen
Refrigerator course, dining kitchen, is equipped to dish dryer, and ease likely to use even for those long-term stay.
Karma Kandara Villas Main bedroom
The main bedroom of living next door. Is enough too much breadth.
And even though booked a normal room, it was a whopping 3 bedroom. Conversely, there seems to be no is that one bedroom Villas.
Karma Kandara Villas 2nd bedroom
2nd bedroom
Karma Kandara Villas 3rd bedroom
And, the third bedroom.

In the other two are double, here in the real twin bed.

It may be the assumption that the couple two generations and two children.
Karma Kandara Villas Wash basin
Slightly flavor is different bathroom for each bedroom.
bathtub It is shower only not, but becomes a open-air When I opened the door, it is quite a feeling of freedom.
Karma Kandara Villas Shower Room
Here it may be performed almost outdoors, shower room without a ceiling. Moderately light of day insertion, occasionally, fresh wind will blow.
Karma Kandara Villas Amenities Goods
Shampoo and soap of the original blend.
Lavender, Rozumari, grapefruit and were blended in perfect balance, it is a fragrance that anything is healed.

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