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A dozen years ago school days from now, I have that has been a part-time job in the cruise ship called "Asuka".
Asuka, total length of about 193m, gross tonnage is about 29,000 tons, was the largest of luxury cruise ships in Japan flagged cruise ships at the time.
Initially, the cruise culture does not take root in Japan, and in which the general public had been told to cold, boldly challenged's big project at NYK deficit resolution, it was Asuka.

When I think now, the company also might there was a foresight that NYK. Only debut Initially, that was the extent that it became a hot topic in some parts of the world, Before long, including the wealthy accounted for taste of the voyage in the cruise experience in foreign countries, such as husband and wife travel after the honeymoon or retirement, the journey in the cruise liner, It became so gradually accepted a wide range of customer base in Japan. After after more than 10 years, I had been on board Founder of the much larger successor ship than Asuka and to the birth of "Asuka Ⅱ" The flow was was carried out development.

Well, say what I was doing on the ship, it's a casino dealer.

On the laws of Japan well into the casino has not been approved, in fact, not to bet money, merely to the top of the game fee, depending on the acquisition number of chips, photo frame and the ball-point pen, etc. The original goods that are also sold as a commodity, and that gift as a souvenir, it was so to speak you play ones.
In the game corner provided in the corner of the board, it was a business to progress to your opponent roulette and Black Jack, the game of baccarat, and the like.

In such Asuka, and that at the time of boarding in the short-term domestic cruise of about one week.
Season early summer. In the cruise, from the departure area of Tokyo, the interval of up to Nagoya is your boarding area is "empty", that was sailing crew only.
Such a night, can be determined by the ship's Asuka, crew-party only sailors held, make noise drinking as everyone bathed unanimously the alcoholic beverages to be served free of charge, because it had become like a tradition.

After the ship had sailed from Tokyo, from the deck of the Pacific Ocean to sail, overlooking the majestic Mount Fuji emerges blackened the sunset going to sink into the background, I was relaxed for a while in the fresh wind is blowing through the deck. That day also because of off work, it was free to spend.

To become at dinner after dark before long day also took a meal in the gang and sailors cafeteria of the same work. Boarded as the same casino dealer because fellow, It's Hiraike kun and Takayama's two people. After the meal, we headed a little after resting in the room, crew bar is a party venue. And brought to approach the bar, good music of ride came transmitted faint in the hallway.

When I opened the door, inside it has already, show the climax of comparable humble club, the room is hazy with cigarette smoke, the dance music of the large volume has been echoed.
In crew of many Filipinos who were in, followed by the Japanese, other European It was felt here and there, such as. By the way, at that time, was the highest in the number of people specifically in Asuka sailors in Filipino, country-specific number ratio of in the bar, did not have no say altogether a microcosm of the number ratio of all sailors.
However, guest relations and entertainment, etc., with regard to the service department of the crew, because most of it was Japanese or European, that kind of impression if you want to do it on to passengers is It might did not.

Well, while tilting the immediately free wine When I arrived in the seat, I enjoyed unrestricted binge. After a while, it seemed becoming weak Hiraike kun sleepy of liquor, and went back to the room to hurriedly To earlier. The remaining Takayama-san and I, I continued to drink the bustling with mixed in the Philippines people who were drinking in the vicinity.
And hung to their hilarious, original drinker I, a red and white both wine went poured into the stomach from the next to the next. Takayama-san and I he had been raised in each distant seat but, Eventually she came close to me.

"Imazato san, can I sit next to you? I'm tired because that Filipino is a little insistent."

" Why not? Come here. I guess he desperates to seduce you."

Takayama's soon moved to the seat of my next door, the "persistent" been Filipino also moved close to the seat, also it came variously spoke to Takayama. No mean that apart from unpleasant guy, I do not hate the ants tend to humor the man who wooed a woman, as I had finished the extent that enter by dividing the occasional two people of the conversation. While you're doing for a while noisily, suddenly stood up alpine-san, told me.

「Imazato san, let's go back to the room .He is bugging me anyway.」

「Well, okay let's go back.」

I stagger to stand up from the seat, and was reminded that I'm quite drunk.
By the way, what this bar is located, it was of a near especially of violent bow of shaking Among the hull. A result, whether or drunk of the swaying of the ship, it was no longer know honest well.

After greeting appropriately to Philippines, I left the bar with Takayama. While wobbling To walk down the hallway, After sending to the front of her room, and I went back to my room.

I was supposed to....

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